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Western Environmental Solutions is Western Canada’s leading hazardous materials abatement and remediation services provider. We are known for delivering fully complete and comprehensive solutions perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of complex commercial and industrial projects, from small, highly specialized programs of work to elaborate, large-scale undertakings.

Asbestos Removal

We can remove asbestos from your home or business in a professional and timely manor. We follow all Worksafe BC Asbestos handling standards to ensure the safety of our workers and clients.

Demolition & Decontamination

We specialize in decontaminating buildings of any hazardous materials. Once they are removed, our team can finish your project by completing the demolition.

Mold and Fungi Removal

Not sure if you have mold? It's not always as easy as seeing it. Mold spores are invisible and have a faint odour, so sometimes air quality testing is needed. We offer Mold testing and Abatement to ensure your home or business is safe.

Lead Abatement

In commercial and industrial settings, lead is often present in paint, pipe, and duct-work. During restorations it is paramount that these materials are removed by certified professionals.

Restoration & Renovation

In addition to hazardous material abatement, our team can complete your project for home or business. Our founders have over 30 years experience in restoration and renovation.

Hoarding & Animal Waste

Hoarding of materials is a fire and earthquake hazard, and increases the likelyhood of Mold and Fungi growth, as well as rodent infestations. We offer the complete decontamination of your hazardous environment.

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Dedication To Excellence

We take pride in never cutting corners and adhering to all of the strict BC Health and Safety regulations and standards . We ensure that our employees are professionally trained and certified in the safe handling of hazardous materials. Click an icon to learn more about each organization.