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The discovery of hazardous materials in a home or a job site can create numerous health hazards and have countless project delays that may yield unexpected expenses. Western Environmental Solutions provides fast, and complete solutions for your residential, commercial & industrial restoration. Our highly experienced and qualified teams of specialists are focused on providing the highest level of workmanship and customer service. Our project managers take a hands-on approach to designing a plan that takes all of your project’s goals, budgets, and timelines into account to provide a customized solution. They are as concerned about your unique needs as our field specialists are about safety.


Western Environmental Solution’s main core value is our commitment to safety. Safety is the bedrock of our company and the reason for its very existence. It is our first consideration when designing an approach to an abatement or restoration project. Our specialists are COR-safety certified, beyond what is required by the provincial governments, and are committed to a continued investment in their training and development in matters of Health & Safety.

This means we are committed to complying with:

  • All government health & safety regulations
  • COR-safety certification best practices and protocols
  • Our own internal safety policies and procedures
  • Our clients’ own safety programs, policies, and procedures

In addition to ensuring the health and safety of our clients and their workers, our project managers are responsible for ensuring the highest level of safety precaution onsite. We assess and manage all health and safety risks for each project in order to protect not just ourselves and our clients but the community at large.

Unique Health and Safety plans are prepared for each project. A Health and Safety plan consists of all pertinent information about the site, the scope of the project, and any safety rules and requirements that are specifically applicable. A project manager is monitoring the project and team for the duration of the job to ensure that this plan is followed thoroughly.

Our Certifications

We take pride in the work we do and the safe work environment we promote. Our team is commited to never cutting corners, while ensuring we adhere to the strict BC & Alberta Health and Safety regulations. Our employees are trained and certified in the safe handling of hazardous materials. 


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