There are a number of ways a home or business can become in need of property restoration services. From mold or asbestos removal needs, to flood or fire damage restoration, or even illegal biohazard issues, your property can require restoration to return the property to its previously safe self. Restoration services are often very important to maintain a safe home or business environment.

Without property inspection and or restoration services, your home or business could become quite dangerous. Mold and asbestos can showcase very minimal signs while doing immense damage to your respiratory system. If your home or business undergoes major damage in any way, the property is likely in need of restoration.

At Western Environmental Solutions, we have the expertise to help with all your potential property restoration needs. Our team will fully inspect your home or business and then provide any required restoration services. Book a restoration consultation today!

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Fire Restoration

Fire can cause a variety of serious damages to your home or business. From burning materials directly, to damage from heat exposure and leftover smoke particles, fire can leave your home or business in a variety of disrepair. If your property has faced any size of the fire, contact Western Environmental Solutions for the property cleanup and restoration service requirements. We can find all the physical, behind the scenes and airborne issues in your home; to develop the ideal restoration plan and then provide each required restoration service.

Flood Restoration

Floods are breeding grounds for mold and can cause a range of property damages. Simply drying a previously flooded area will not resolve the mass amount of damage the flood has done to your property’s building materials, electrical systems, insulation, and more. Let the expert flood restoration service providers at Western Environmental Solutions handle your flood restoration needs. We can fully restore the area and provide a range of mold prevention services to make sure your home or business remains in a safe condition.

Water Restoration

Not all water damage is the result of a flood. Roof leaks, condensation, window seal gaps and more can result in water damage within your home or business. If your property faces water damage from any source, the result can include, material damage, appliance damage, and insulation deterioration, and mold growth. If you notice any signs of potential water damage in your home or business, do not hesitate to contact Western Environmental Solutions.

Mold Restoration

Mold can vary in type, health hazards, and potential signs. Some forms of mold can simply be an aesthetic issue, while others can lead to lethal health issues. Do not take an apathetic approach to the potential mold in your home or business. If you notice mold, moldy smells, or have recently dealt with a flood in the property, utilize professional mold restoration services. At Western Environmental Solutions, we can inspect for mold, test the mold, and perform the required mold removal services.

Asbestos Restoration

Asbestos was used for a range of property building and insulation purposes throughout the mid-1900s. If your home or business was built prior to the 1990s there is a chance that asbestos was used in the construction or insulation of the property. Asbestos eventually stopped being a building material, due to the range of serious health issues it leads to from inhalation. If your business or home faces any form of asbestos, Western Environmental can work to remove, encapsulate, contain or otherwise resort the affected property. We are a professional asbestos company that provides asbestos testing, asbestos removal & asbestos remediation.

Wind & Hail Restoration

Wind and hail can cause serious damage to your property, which can lead to a variety of other issues. Missing roof shingles, broken seals on windows, damages signing and more can result from heavy wind and or hail storms. When interior aspects of your home or business become exposed to the elements; water, animal and other potential contaminants can find their way inside, which can lead to feces, mold, and other further property damage.

Biohazard Restoration

When a biohazard issue becomes present in your property, restoration is required. Biohazards can represent major plumbing leaks, blood, or other bodily fluid stains or other potential bacteria. These contaminate can pollute your air, damage your walls, stain your carpets as well as make your home or business an unattractive and unsafe environment. Don’t let these issues worsen. If you notice any biohazardous materials in your home or business, contact the restoration experts at Western Environmental Solutions immediately.

Grow-Op Restoration

A previous illegal grow-op can cause a number of issues with physical molds, air quality issues, and electrical issues. The grow-op could have led to electrical issues from immense electrical output needs, water damage issues from condensation, or mold growth from unclean areas and narcotic manufacturing processes. If your property has been recently used as a grow-op a restoration is likely required in order to return the property to a safe environment.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee a safe and efficient restoration project, we guarantee that our workmanship is of the highest quality. Our team of restoration professionals are fully trained & certified, practicing the utmost safety and construction standards. You can trust the team at Western Environmental for your mold, asbestos, fire, water and other restoration needs.


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