Residential Demolition

Sure, home is where you have made the fondest memories. It could be that you’ve spent your entire life in that house. Unfortunately, if storms, floods, fire, mold infestation, or other elements damage your home beyond the point of repair, demolition might be required.

Here at Western Environmental Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch residential demolition services to homeowners in Alberta & BC provinces, with offices in Edmonton, Calgary, and Victoria.

Our team of highly trained and certified experts leverages its professional knowledge and modern equipment to efficiently and safely demolish your damaged home. We offer both partial and full residential demolitions throughout the two provinces.


Residential Demolition Services

Residential demolition is never a one-size-fits-all type of a task. A myriad of particular services goes into the safe and efficient demolition of a home. These include:

Full Demolition – When your home has been exposed to extreme damage from a mold infestation, fire, storm, or floor, an external or total demolition might be your best bet. That involves bringing down every tidbit of your home, from wall to wall.

Partial Demolition – Also called interior demolition, this type of environmental service is required if the damage only extends to part of the house, perhaps a single room. We often carry out interior demolition alongside a series of restoration services such as a bathroom, kitchen or floor remodels.

Deconstruction – It’s a unique form of interior demolition that encompasses a careful approach to minimize damage to the entire structure. Deconstruction demolitions target only the damaged areas, leaving the rest of the house entirely intact.


Choose Us For Residential Demolition

Carefully Thought-Out Process: Our demolition experts follow a strict protocol to ensure that the process is done to the highest health and safety standards. We have a 6-step process that makes demolition of a home effortlessly easy. These steps include inspection, planning & quotation, installation of ventilation, demolition, material containment, and finally material disposal & site clean-up.

Experience You Can Trust: we have more than 3 decades of experience in the trade. Over these years, we have gained a reputation for executing top-down residential demolitions like no other environmental service company in the region.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority: we have a comprehensive list of happy clients who can attest to our quality residential demolition services.

Cost-Effective Demolitions: We take care of every aspect of residential demolition, all without breaking the bank.


Professional Residential Demolition

Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Work with a demolition expert in Alberta & BC provinces. At Western Environmental Solutions, we guarantee professionalism and safety on every project, working with our clients through every step of the demolition process. We provide a variety of demolition methods to ensure the proper demolition, excavation, and disposal of each project we undertake.



Our Guarantee

We guarantee professionalism and safety on every residential demolition project. If you require residential demolition services in Calgary or Victoria contact us. We can perform full demolition, partial demolition and asbestos removal to ensure that all the necessary processes are taken to guarantee a safe and efficient demolition project.


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