Victoria offers amazing lifestyle advantages with coastal mountains and ocean views the landscape is unparalleled. Victoria’s close proximity to the ocean creates a very humid and moister filled climate year round. Moisture can be a major culprit of mold formation and lead to mold growth. If your Victoria home or business faces an abundance of mold, a number of issues can become very prevalent within the property. Toxic mold can create very serious physical and respiratory issues for those within the property. If you Victoria property shows visible mold, of signs of hidden mold, contact a mold air quality testing and mold removal Victoria professional immediately.

The team at Western Environmental Solutions provides steps and processes to properly remove and remediate your property of harmful mold. We can inspect and remove harmful mold from the property, ensuring all the preventative measures are taken. Contact Western Environmental Solutions today with your Victoria mold removal needs.


There are a number of forms of mold that can become present in your victoria property. Some forms of mold are much more harmful than others and can cause serious illness in individuals if exposed. Different people have different levels of severity to mold exposure.

  • Mold can cause rashes and flu-like symptoms when directly contacted with.
  • Mold can cause respiratory issues when airborne spores are inhaled.
  • Toxic molds, like black molds, can even be lethal when consistently exposed to individuals with the property.


Excess moisture caused by Victoria weather can create a number of areas for mold growth in your home and business. Some of these common places are:

  • Attic Spaces – If attics or other areas of the home are not vented, or if roofs are leaking, moist air can turn into dormant moisture that becomes ideal for mold growth.
  • Foundation Drains – Damaged perimeter drains allow water to pool rather than effectively drain. Pooling and still water can grow dangerous and harmful mold quite quickly.
  • Flooded or Water Damaged Areas – Mold can grow within 48 hours of an interior property flood.

For full mold inspections and mold removal Victoria, feel free to contact Western Environmental Solutions we perform professional mold removal, testing and know the different types of household mold.


Variable mold types as well as in infestation sizes will require different removal processes. Spot mold can often be removed with safe physical removal and or with scrubbing the area to relieve the mold. Large instances of mold in the home or extremely toxic mold types will require full effected material abatement. Effective air filtration efforts will be required with any mold removal method to ensure a safe and effective removal of the airborne substances. Western Environmental Solutions can inspect and determine which mold removal method will properly remove the mold from your home or business. If you require mold removal Victoria trust the professional mold services at Western Environmental Solutions.


If your Victoria home sees any leaks or interior floods of any kind, do not hesitate to contact the water damage restoration experts at Western Environmental solutions. Especially in moist climates like Victoria, mold can come about very quickly due to moisture in the home. Within a few days of a flood, mold spores begin to form behind walls, in floorboards, on carpets and in the air of your Victoria property. The Western Environmental Solution team can remove mold and provide further water damage mold prevention services.




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