Like most Albertan cities, Edmonton weather can provide as many benefits as potential issues in your life. Snowy winters and warm summers are fun for outside activities. Though, these seasonal changes can also create opportunities for mold to penetrate your home or business. If your Edmonton business or home becomes infested with mold it could create a serious needs for renovation as well as put you, your loved ones and or employees at in harm’s way. If have noticed moldy smells have seen physical mold or have any other concerns, consider professional Edmonton mold removal or other mold-related services.

Inspecting, testing and removing mold can be an intensive, difficult and even dangerous process. Leave your Edmonton mold removal needs to the experts at Western Environmental Solutions. Our team has the skills, equipment and industry knowledge to safely and effectively remove your unwanted mold.


The specific dangers associated with mold in Edmonton properties vary on the individual in the property, as well as the size and type of mold present. Inhaling airborne mold can cause nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, throat soreness, wheezing, and coughing as well as chronic lung issues like asthma. Coming in direct contact with mold can lead to rashes and flu-like symptoms. Health symptoms of mold exposure can mirror allergies, so if you are noticing allergy symptoms outside of the suspected season, book a mold removal consultation today.


Melting ice, windy chinooks, and other Edmonton weather conditions can create opportunities for mold in various places. Mold can also come as a result of poor installation or ventilation processes, as well as from storm damage. Some common areas for mold growth in an Edmonton property are:

  • Leaking Roof
  • Poorly insulated or ventilated attics
  • Behind walls and drywall
  • Flooded basements
  • Poorly installed showers
  • Dampened Carpets

For a full property mold inspection and for required mold removal services, call or email Western Environmental Solutions today. We know the common areas to find mold and how to inspect and mitigate mold.


The removal of mold in your Edmonton home or business will require one or more of the following processes:

  • Spot Scrubbing – Small mold occurrences in showers or carpets can be removed with an intensive scrub of the area.
  • Spore Removal – Physical molds can be removed in order to stop the further infestation.
  • Air Ventilation – Air ventilation is required to rid your property of airborne mold spores.
  • Material Abatement – If mold has come into contact with building materials, the materials may require a complete removal to stop the spread of mold.

Each of these processes can require specific materials and knowledge, as well as have the potential to expose you to harmful molds. Avoid DIY Mold Removal and let the professionals at Western Environmental Solutions provide the required services.


If your home has faced recent water damage of any kind, mold will likely form in the affected area. Major floods promote mold behind walls or in carpets within 48 of the floods occurrence. Small roof leaks or other moisture in your home can pool and sit, which leads to mold formation. If you have noticed and water damage in your property call or email Western Environmental Solutions. We can help restore your home and remove any instances of mold from the property and perform full water damage repair services.




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