The seasons in Calgary bring about gorgeous views and ranges of outdoor activities. When the temperature changes with the seasons, moisture, and wind often create the ideal conditions for mold growth in your home or business. Mold in a property can cause a number of issues. Mold can damage the building materials, causing a need for large repairs or replacement. Mold can also damage the air quality in your property. Don’t let visible or even unseen mold create a problem in your Calgary home or business.

Contact Western Environmental Solutions with your Calgary mold removal needs. We can provide commercial and residential mold inspection, testing, and removal services. Call or email Western Environmental Solutions today for more information.


Mold can create a number of dangers in your property, some of which can lead to serious illness. The harmful side effects associated with the inhalation of mold spores or with direct contact with mold can lead to serious illness and in some cases even death. Airborne mold spores can lead to asthma or other chronic lung issues, as well as coughing, wheezing, eye irritation, and nasal issues. Direct contact with mold can lead to rashes, flu-like symptoms, and other potential health problems. If you are noticing allergenic symptoms that are out of season, this may be a sign of mold in your home or business. The health effects of mold exposure are dependent on the type of mold present as well as the individual’s immune system and lung health.


Calgary homes and businesses have the potential to harbor mold in a variety of places. Visible and hidden mold are both common. Some places where mold can be found in your Calgary property are:

  • Moist or stained carpets
  • Improperly installed showers
  • Behind drywall
  • Under floors
  • Damaged attics
  • Leaking roofs

If you have concerns about mold removal Calgary for your home or business, contact Western Environmental Solutions today, we know the places to find the mold and what the different types of household mold.


The type of mold that is present as well as the location of mold present, can both dictate the required mold removal method. If you require mold removal Calgary make sure to consult with a professional:

  • Complete Material Abatement – If mold has impacted your building materials, or is too present to safely remove from appliances, a full abatement and restoration process will be required. When mold is present in large aspects of the property, a property demolition can be required.
  • Spot Scrubbing – If small instances of mold are found in your carpet, shower or other appliances, an intensive area scrub can effectively remove the present mold.
  • Mold Containment – If mold is found in small and or separated areas of a home, containment and encapsulation methods can be implemented to ensure no airborne spread of mold in the property.
  • Air Filtration – In addition to physical mold removal, air filtration will need to be provided to ensure complete and safe mold removal conditions.

Many types of mold are very toxic. Rather than put yourself at risk, let Western Environmental Solutions find and remove mold from your Calgary home or business. We proudly offer mold removal services in Calgary.


Mold thrives in water. From floods to roof leaks, water entering your Calgary property can result in mold growth. A full property restoration includes a full mold inspection that identifies any presence of mold or opportunity for mold growth. Without a full inspection, mold can grow behind your replaced walls, flooring, and or appliances. To ensure that your Calgary property is safely removed of any mold or of chances for mold growth, contact Western Environmental Solutions with your water damage repair and mold removal needs.




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