Interior Demolition

Interior demolition is one viable alternative for creating more room, or repurposing a room in a house. Interior demolition is a delicate task as much as exterior demolition. There are risks of weakening the house structure from the inside when interior demolition is not done in the correct way.  This could lead to the roof caving in or the top floors collapsing on the lower floors when supporting pillars are weakened. To avoid such risks, you should always engage a professional demolitions firm like Western Environmental Solutions.

Highly professional team

We are a team of professional demolitions experts that are conversant and experienced in demolition works on all types and sizes of buildings. Our team can do the correct job because we rely on each of our experts to provide the best advice on the job.

Custom tailored solutions

Our experts listen to your wishes on the project and translate those wishes from paper to the ground.  If you need to create extra room by demolishing one or several interior walls, we shall do it safely for you. If you need to move a wall and expand one room, we shall do it for you. If you need interior demolition service on different storeys, we can work on that too.

Start of the art equipment

Demolition teams are only as good as their equipment can enable them. That is why Western Environmental Solutions maintains a fleet of the best technology, tools, and equipment. This ensures that your interior demolition work is executed with precision and accuracy.

Minimum disruptions

Are you worried that an interior demolition job will disrupt your business or life at home?  While this is a real concern, it need not materialize when the job is done correctly. The approach used by Western Environment Solutions is simple.  The client is involved right from the start of the demolition where daily schedules are mapped out, and then work schedules are drawn up to suit the schedules of the residents.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

The involvement of the customer in every step always guarantees customer satisfaction as the wishes are fulfilled. Western Environmental Solutions considers a job complete only after the customer is fully satisfied with what has been done.

Short timelines

Demolition works in the shortest time possible to enable the client to resume full use of the building including the new space that has been created. As part of quickening up the process, Western Environmental Solutions offers assistance in acquiring the necessary permits, as well as advice on following the demolition regulations in Calgary.




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