Floods can happen fast. Heavy rainfall causing storm damage, a burst pipe or fast snow melting in spring months can lead to floods in Canadian homes and businesses. Floods can create major pools of water in your property and lead to serious damages and health risks.

If you notice a flood in your property, you have to act fast. Immediately contact a professional flood restoration company with your flooding issues. Professionals have the skills and equipment to safely and effectively handle your commercial or residential flood issues.

At Western Environmental Solutions can provide flooding services for a range of clients. We have years of experience working with clients across Western Canada. Book a consultation with Western Environmental Solutions today or contact us for emergency flood restoration services.

How Floods Happen

Floods are often the result of major leaks in your home’s exterior walls or by leaks in the plumbing in your home. When heavy rain falls, fast exterior snow melts, any broken seals on windows or cracks in your home’s exterior can allow for moisture to enter and for interior floods to form. When rusted, old or otherwise faulty plumbing can burst, causing floods can rather quickly. Floods cause damage immediately and worsen over time. If your roof, windows seals or plumbing shows signs of required repairs, you may be at risk of a flood.

Flood Restoration

Floods can affect basements, kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms in your home or business. When a flood happens on your property, contact the professionals at Western Environmental Solutions. We can work to inspect the flooded area and to remove all the moisture. We can make sure all damaged materials and appliances ate removed, as well as any mold or other bacteria that have formed or were released in the flood.

Flood Prevention

During the initial inspection of a flood restoration project, the source of the flood will be found. Finding the source and any other instances where a flood could occur in the future is an important aspect of a full flood restoration service. Flood prevention efforts ensure that your home or business is ready to withstand other potential flood-inducing weather. DIY flood restoration efforts can often fall short in preventing the future existence of floodwater in your home.

Residential Flooding Services

Canadian homes face serious weather changes and conditions. Heavy rainfall, to snow melting, hail and large winds can leave your home somewhat damaged and very vulnerable to potential floods. Plumbing and septic line ruptures in the home can also cause floods. Floods can create mold, release bacteria and cause a number of damages in your home. If you have experienced a flood in your home, contact Western Environmental Solutions immediately.

Commercial Flooding Services

Floods can cause a business to halt its processes and make the property unsafe for use. Floodwater can danger your commercial appliances and system as well as release a range of potential biohazardous contaminants into the property. Don’t put your health and the health of your employees at risk, by attempting to contain the flood or by attempting to restore the area yourself. Utilise professional flood restoration services to return your business to its previous safe and functioning state.



Our Flood Damage Restoration Services



We can inspect your flooded area to fully understand the extent of the damage and all the present contaminants in the water.



Let our team work fast to repair your residential flood before the damage gets worse.



Large downpours from intense storms can damage your property and lead to flooding.



We are here when you needs us to handle your commercial or residential flood damage restoration needs.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee professional service and a speedy restoration process when dealing with your storm damage restoration. Our storm damage repair and restoration services uphold the highest level of health and safety standards, ensuring quality and timely repair. Our goal as an organization is to provide for our clients, staff, and community delivering on industry leading quality and service.


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