Asbestos was once used as a valuable building utensil but is now known as a very harmful material to have present in your home or business. Asbestos is linked to a number of illnesses. Asbestosis, respiratory infections and a variety of cancers are linked to asbestos inhalation.

The chances of dealing with an asbestos related illness increase the more the particles are inhaled. The longer asbestos is in your home, the more likely you are to deal with these potential illnesses. If you aren’t certain that asbestos is not present in your home or business, have the area inspected immediately

At Western Environmental Solutions, we offer emergency asbestos removal services. We are here when you need us to handle your asbestos inspection and removal needs. Contact Western Environmental Solutions immediately for more information!


Asbestos In Your Home or Business

If your home or business contains asbestos in the insulation, building materials or appliances, you may be at risk of serious health issues. Asbestos breaks down due to property damage, moisture or simply over time. When this breakdown occurs, asbestos particles are released into the air of your property. Breathing in the particles leads to serious and even fatal illnesses. If you have any concerns about asbestos in your home, contact Western Environmental Solutions for immediate asbestos inspection, testing and removal services.

24-Hour Asbestos Services

The longer you inhale asbestos the higher the chances of facing an asbestos-related disease. Don’t wait for you asbestos removal services. The asbestos removal experts Western Environmental Solutions are available 24 hours a day to services your commercial or residential asbestos needs. We work to minimise your chances of dealing with asbestosis and other illnesses caused by the prolonged inhalation of airborne asbestos particles.

Emergency Asbestos Testing

Unsure if your home or business contains asbestos? Asbestos inspection and lab tests are the only way to know for sure whether you home or business is safe or in needs of asbestos removal services. Attempting to gain samples can be difficult and dangerous. Keep yourself safe and contact Western Environmental Solutions for emergency asbestos testing services. We can fully test your suspected materials and provide any removal services required.

Emergency Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos remediation can be very dangerous and time consuming for inexperienced individuals. It is never recommended to attempt a DIY asbestos remediation project. Rather than risk excessive property damage and your own health, contact Western Environmental Solutions today. We can provide emergency asbestos removal and remediation services that suit your specific needs.




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