What Are The Different Types of Demolitions?

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Demolishing a house or commercial property is a carefully planned procedure taking into account the type of material, the location of the building, and debris disposal. Different demolition methods are used depending on how suitable they are for each of these factors. Here are the commonly used demolition methods.


Crane & Ball Demolition

This is perhaps the oldest demolition method. It depends on brute force generated by a heavy ball to bring down concrete structures. The ball is usually attached to a crane. It is either swung on to the building or dropped on the structure. The ball can weigh as much as 13,500 pounds.

Crane and ball demolition has several limitations. It can only be used on low height structures at maximum 3 story buildings. It cannot be used close to power lines. The crane must also be operated by a very experienced operator who can hit precisely for maximum force. This method also generates a lot of noise, dust and debris.


High Reach Arm Demolition

This type of demolition uses a base machine, usually an excavator that operates the demolition arm that can reach over 20 meters. The arm is telescopic and has demolition tools attached at the end; shear, hammer or crushers. This type of demolition is more precise than the crane and ball because specific demolition tools can be used on different building materials like steel or concrete. However, it is still limited by the height of the arm. The arm cannot be operated under power lines as well.


Implosion Demolition

This method uses explosions to bring down a structure. Instead of a violent explosion outwards, the force of the explosion is directed at critical support points, which are suddenly weakened making the weight of the building unstable. It collapses in a controlled manner.

Implosion demolition is popular in bringing down huge structures in urban settings. The structure’s blueprints are used in determining placing points for the explosives. The demolition crew also identifies other points whose weakness can serve the purpose. Controlled sequential detonations are then used to bring down the building. Implosion demolition must be done by very highly trained and experienced people because of the dangers involved. This is more so if a building is attached to surrounding structures and is in a busy area.


Selective Demolition

This type of demolition is done with the aim of reusing and recycling the building materials. Concrete, steel and wiring are recovered as much as possible. While this method is labor-intensive, it can lower the cost of the next building done on the site. However, selective demolition does not work well with light framed buildings.

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