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Due to the risks involved in a demolition, it is an activity that should be carried out with utmost care and planning. There are different factors that usually come into play when considering a demolition. These include the location of the structure, the building materials used, and the safety concerns of people living or working near the site.  If you are considering a demolition, it is absolutely necessary that you involve a demolitions contractor. Here are some of the questions you could ask the contractor to clarify.


Should the whole structure come down?

Unfortunately, many people think of demolitions and see whole buildings tumbling down. However, it is not necessary to bring down the whole structure in all cases.  Complete demolition is only advised for a building that is beyond repair. Knowing the extent of demolition required helps you plan for demolition permits, budgeting and environmental assessments.


Who will handle the paperwork?

If you are not conversant with the building industry, the extensive list of by-laws can be a bit confusing. The paperwork to be processed depends on the location and age of the building. The demolition contractor should either help you go through the process smoothly, or handle the paperwork for faster processing.


How will the hazardous material be disposed of?

If you are demolishing an older building (pre-1970s), it is highly likely there will be toxic substances containing asbestos and lead.   These materials require special handling when doing the demolition and special disposal. The demolition contractor should be in a position to explain how safety concerns regarding these toxic substances will be handled.  A demolition contractor who doubles up as an environmental remediation is more suited where toxic substances are concerned.


How will site safety concerns be handled?

Safety concerns on a demolition site relate to the safety of the demolition crew, the safety of bystanders and safety of the property around the site including other buildings.  The authorities require that a comprehensive safety plan is shown before the demolition is approved. What is the demolition contractor’s safety plan? This plan should show the physical safety plan to cover people and property, and also an environmental safety plan in case there are hazardous materials to be handled.


How will salvage material be handled?

There are plenty of recoverable materials on a demolition site. These days it is possible to recover even concrete.  But metal is the most popular and desired salvage material. It can be sold to a recycling plant. Ask the demolition contractor about salvage and how the proceeds from the salvage will be shared.

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