Our Demolition Services

Do you have an old building that needs to make way for a more functional development? Maybe you need to make a bigger room by moving a few walls? This is where you need demolition experts to come in. Western Environmental Solutions has been providing demolition services to business people and homeowners in Calgary, Edmonton & Victoria. Our professional team includes architects, tradesmen, and restoration professionals who are key to making a successful demolition. Here are some of the demolition services that our team routinely does successfully.


Residential Demolition

Are you doing kitchen remodeling, expanding a bedroom, or converting one room to a guest room? We do partial demolitions as needed by different house requirements. Our team is able to work on the smallest to the biggest house. The residential demolitions are done in the most convenient way possible so that your family is not inconvenienced. Residential demolition is done in a fast efficient and clean manner so that you can do whatever developments you need for your house.


Commercial Demolition

Western Environmental Solutions offers demolition services for commercial buildings including warehouses, office buildings, and shopping malls. It does not matter the size of the building, our professional demolition experts are able to demolish commercial buildings that are close together with no damage to surrounding property. If you need partial demolition while the building is in use, our team is able to successfully do the required demolition with little disruptions to your business. For commercial demolition in Calgary or Victoria contact Western Environmental Solutions.


Industrial Demolition

If you need demolition services for industrial premises, our demolition teams are able to work on both light and heavy demolitions. This is done with maximum attention to any hazardous industrial waste ensuring that the demolition clears the way for the next building with no health or physical risks left behind.


Foundation Removal

The typical demolition takes down the structures above the ground but leaves the foundation structures intact. But a new development needs complete clearing of all structures to pave way for a new foundation. Western Environmental Solutions can clear leftover foundation structures to pave way for the new building including the excavation of the land.


Fire Demolition

Do you have a condemned building that has been gutted by fire? Fire damaged buildings present an added danger to demolition teams because they are weakened by the fire. We offer demolition services for fire-damaged buildings and a number of other fire damage restoration services.

For any demolition service needs, whether commercial or residential, small or big building, Western Environmental Services can provide whatever you need. Our team of professionals are here and ready to listen to your needs and help your development plans come true.




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