Property owners often become quite attached to homes and businesses. Though when a property becomes unsafe, it is time to do what is necessary to remedy the issues. If your home or business is found with mold throughout or has faced serious damages; simple fire, water, or mold restoration services may not be adequate for your property needs. In many cases, a full or partial property demolition can be the commercial or residential service for returning your property to a safe and structurally sound environment.

You can trust your residential and commercial demolition project needs to the experts at Western Environmental Solutions. Our team has the knowledge to safely demolish your property while containing any partially harmful or toxic materials. Call or email Western Environmental Solutions to schedule a property demolition consultation today.


Property demolition is never a one-size-fits-all kind of task. Many specific services can be required to safely demolish your home or business. Some of these specific demolition services are:

  • Exterior or Full Demolition – When a home or business has seen extreme damage or harmful material infestation, the property will require a full demolition.
  • Interior Demolition – If the damage is most prominent in a single room in the property, an interior demolition project, coupled with property restoration services can be ideal for your needs.
  • Deconstruction – A deconstruction is a form of interior demolition that focuses on a careful approach. Deconstruction projects aim to only affect the damaged area while leaving the rest of the property completely intact.

Specific tasks associated with each of these demolition service types can vary based on the presence of mold or other damage in the property as well as the size or style of the property. Demolition inspections help find the ideal project plan for your specific property demolition needs.

Residential Demolition

Canadian homes are gorgeous and can often harbor some of your fondest memories. Although, if the home faces a serious storm, fire, flood, or mold infestation it can become very unsafe for you and your loved ones. Often time, these damages can place your home past the point of simple repair and restoration, which is where a residential demolition is required. Western Environmental Solutions utilizes our professional knowledge and equipment to safely and effectively demolish your damaged home.

Commercial Demolition

Has your commercial property been affected by a large fire, flood, or serious storm? Is the business beginning to show signs of mold? Contact Western Environmental Solutions for a full property inspection today. We can find the full depth of the damages as well as other potentially unknown infestations, to determine if a restoration service is adequate or if commercial demolition services are required. If the property needs a commercial demolition, we can provide each step required to demolish the property effectively.

Asbestos Demolition

If the presence of asbestos is found in the bulk of your property, within building materials and insulation, a property demolition may be required. Attempting to fully remove the asbestos and restore the area could be a much more time-consuming and expensive process that may not yield as effective results as a full demolition. If you have concerns about asbestos in your home or business call or email Western Environmental Solutions today. We can work to find all the asbestos present and to fully demolish the affected areas or entire property if required. Asbestos removal is often required before demolition commences if your property has asbestos trust the asbestos demolition services by Western Environmental Solutions.

Demolition Process

To demolish a home or business, a range of specific services can be required, which makes the specific process quite unique. Though the demolition process varies property to property and project to project some shared steps in most property demolition projects are:

  • Inspection – The first step is to find and understand the full depth of your property damage. This will determine whether a full demolition is required and what style of demolition service will be ideal for your property’s needs.
  • Plan & Quote – After a full inspection a demolition plan will be created and a custom project quote will be provided. Upon agreement of the quote, demolition permits can be obtained.
  • Ventilation – A property will require ventilation to ensure a safe environment for demolition processes.
  • Demolish – The home or business can now be demolished and removed from materials and debris.
  • Material Containment – Containment processes will effectively trap and harmful air particles from escaping into the surrounding environment.
  • Material Disposal and Site Clean Up – The final step is to dispose of these materials and to fully clean up the worksite.

DIY demolition process can pose serious dangers for inexperienced home or business owners. Leave your restoration demolition inspection and service requirements to the professionals at Western Environmental Solutions.



Our Guarantee

We guarantee professional demolition and a safe and efficient process. If you require residential or commercial demolition contact us. We can preform asbestos removal and ensure that all the necissary procedures are taken to guarantee a safe and efficient construction project.


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