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Western Environmental Solutions have provided safe and reliable environmental solutions for years. Operating out of Victoria, we are the leading hazardous waste experts for Western Canada.

We provide professional demolition in Victoria as well as other environmental services like asbestos removal and are very familiar with everything demolition and recycling. We are also well informed of all of the latest building safety codes and demolition regulations. And we make sure to follow them religiously.


Demolition Process

Western Environmental Solutions prioritizes human and environmental safety that is why we have the highest standards of safety when it comes to our demolition process. We continuously apply innovative methods to our demolition process to ensure this safety. With the industry-best recycling process, we go the extra mile to ensure that any material from our demolition is properly recycled, if possible.

With permits in order, we demolish structures of all shapes and sizes – big or small, regardless of its status as residential, commercial, or industrial. Our demolition process includes arranging for hazardous assessment, hazardous material removal, demolition or deconstruction, site clearance, and backfilling.

Treating every project as unique, we take pride in understanding the needs and priorities of our clients and acting on them. As professionals in our field, we give advice as needed to ensure that the project is smoothly executed without any future legal or financial issues arising as a result.


Victoria Demolition Services

  • Recycling of metals
  • Aggregate recycling
  • Building demolition – any size
  • Construction material recycling
  • Complete demolition / full demolition
  • Interior/partial demolition
  • Deconstruction
  • Commercial blue box recycling.


Victoria Demolition Permits

No demolition is possible in Canada without first receiving the go-ahead through a permit. You would have to apply for a permit before you begin demolishing or moving any structure from its original position. Serious legal and financial issues could arise in the future should you fail to obtain a permit before you begin any demolition. With time and practice, we are well versed in the permit application process and render aid to our clients who need guidance and help to apply for a residential or commercial Victoria demolition permit.

Western Environmental Solutions has gone about building its portfolio, filling it up with satisfied clients. Our services are safe, efficient, and completely dependable. With our fully qualified experts and industry-leading equipment, you can always count on us to deliver.




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