Applying For Calgary Demolition Permits

Are you planning to demolition in a location within Calgary? Demolition is one of the closely monitored building and construction activities because of the risks that come with it. The correct procedures are required to be followed when demolishing both commercial and residential buildings. These are to ensure the safety of workers on-site, bystanders as well as other close property. There are Calgary demolition permits and procedures you should be aware of when doing the demolition.

When do you need a demolition permit?

You will require a permit to remove a building from its present site or move it to another site. A permit will be required for partial demolitions too, and where a building is to be reduced to its foundations and rebuilt again.

What is the recommended demolition procedures?

Step 1 – Obtain a service disconnect sheet

Approval and signature are required for each utility to be disconnected. This should be shown on the service disconnect sheet.

Step 2- Obtain a demolition permit

A permit application should be made to the City of Calgary Planning Services Center. An application that has been done properly is typically approved within 2 working days, and a permit issued. A complete application should include:

•    Service disconnection request form

•    Public tree disclosure agreement

•    Asbestos abatement form

•    Letter of authorization from the landowner

•    Color photos of the front and rear of the building to be demolished

•    Site plan of the existing building showing the North arrow, municipal address, property lines, and the outlines of the building(s) to be demolished

•    A public protection site safety plan for buildings that are above 5 stories

•    A weather forecast of the demolition day

•    Clearance for heritage designation

•    Fee

Step 3 – Utility disconnection

This is required for:

•    Water – A service kill quote is issued by the water services and the fee should be paid before the disconnection is done. A sign off is done once the water meter is removed, and the service valve is shut

•    Gas – This should be signed off by an ATCO gas representative

•    Electricity

•    Waste and recycling – The collection cart should be empty

•    Cable television and telephone

Step 3 – Issuing of the demolition permit

This must be obtained before the start of demolition.

Step 4 – Demolition inspection

After the permit is obtained, you must give notice of the demolition to the city authorities through 311, at least 24 hours before the demolition.

Legal consequences

There are legal consequences for not following Calgary demolition permits and procedures. These legal actions include:

•    Fines

•    Legal and financial issues when buying/selling the property




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