Demolition Services In Calgary

Boasting over 30 years of experience offering environmental services, Western Environmental Solutions are very familiar with all aspects of demolition, asbestos removal, and demolition best practices. As the leading hazardous waste experts in Western Canada, we provide professional demolition services in Calgary to both residential and commercial properties.

We are well aware of all relevant codes and regulations to be considered before beginning a demolition, and we adhere strictly to them. If you require residential demolition or commercial demolition in Calgary trust the professionals at Western Environmental Solutions.


Calgary Demolition Services

  • Demolition of any building size
  • Metal recycling
  • Recycled aggregate
  • Recycling of construction materials
  • Commercial Blue Box Recycling


Beginning Demolition

A Calgary demolition permit is usually required before demolishing or moving a building from its original site – whether this is a partial or total demolition. Permits are taken very seriously and failure to get one before you begin your demolition could bring about legal and financial issues. Our field experts will guide you through the permit application process, as well as the scheduling of demolitions before we set to work.


Demolition process

Observing industry best practices, we apply innovative methods in every demolition. Our demolition process prioritizes human and environmental safety. This is why we go the extra mile in our recycling process. We demolish structures of all sizes, big or small, residential, commercial, or industrial, within Calgary and surroundings. Once the permits are in order, we arrange for a hazardous assessment, removal of hazardous materials, demolition, site clearance, and backfilling.

We fully understand that each project is unique and the needs of every client differ. To that end, we can streamline our services into three major needs categories: complete demolition, interior demolition, and deconstruction.

Western Environmental Solutions are a safe, efficient, and reliable environmental solutions provider in Calgary. For 30 years we’ve worked to earn the trust of our clients. You can count on our knowledge and experience for your residential demolitions.




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