Commercial Demolition

Damage caused by floods, fire, and storm or mold infestation to a commercial building is often remedied through a series of renovations and restoration services. But, if the extent of the damage is beyond the point of repair, complete commercial demolition might be required. If you require commercial demolition contact Western Environmental Solutions for a full property inspection. This way, we can ascertain if indeed a demolition is called for.

Often commercial demolition services are needed to destroy a property safely and efficiently and restore the location to “redevelopment ready” status. Either way, you can trust Western Environmental Solutions to deliver nothing but the best.


Commercial Demolition Services

We provide turnkey commercial demolition solutions to a variety of clients, including colleges, churches, builders, restaurants, mining facilities, developers, and local governments to name a few. There are several demolition services that we offer:

Full Demolition – Full demolition is ideal for properties that are so damaged that restoration isn’t an option. Here at Western Environmental Solutions, we have the human resources, technical know-how, and equipment to cost-effectively and safely demolish and get rid of entire buildings and facilities.

Partial Demolition – if it’s possible to restore part of your facility or building, interior or partial demolition might be the answer. We have the necessary experience and team to ensure that the rest of your premise remains intact.

Deconstruction – It’s a unique form of interior demolition that encompasses a careful approach to minimize damage to the entire structure. Deconstruction demolitions target only the damaged areas, leaving the rest of the facility or building completely intact.


Commercial Demolition Process

To demolish commercial facilities and buildings safely and efficiently, several unique steps go into the process. An asbestos demolition, for instance, will require careful decontamination processes. However, shared stages in the commercial demolition process include:

Inspection – it’s the first step undertaken to determine the extent of damage to the property. We look at every nook and cranny to determine if the building should be demolished.

Planning & Quote – once the building has been inspected, we shall offer you an accurate quote for planning and budgeting purposes.

Ventilation Installation – adequate ventilation is required for a safe demolition environment

Demolition – after the building has been demolished, the materials and debris are then removed

Material Containment – containment is carried out to trap and prevent harmful air particles from escaping into the neighbouring area

Material Disposal and Site Clean-Up – this step marks the final stage of the commercial demolition process.


Professional Commercial Demolition

You can count on Western Environmental Solutions for top-notch commercial demolition services. We are efficient, safe, and cost-effective. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation, and learn about the demolition methods we provide our clients in Calgary & Victoria.



Our Guarantee

We guarantee professionalism and safety on every commercial demolition project. If you require commercial demolition in Calgary or Victoria contact us. We can perform full demolition and asbestos removal to ensure that all the necessary procedures are taken to guarantee a safe and efficient demolition project.


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