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Do you know asbestos could be in your home right now without your knowledge? Many homes built before 1990 were built using asbestos-containing building materials. This is one silent killer many do not even know about. Professional asbestos removal & testing is used to mitigate a property of harmful asbestos fibers that can be very hazardous if the asbestos is disrupted during demolition.


Asbestos is Common

Because of their usage in building materials, asbestos could be in so many different parts of your home, unseen to the human eye. They could be in the roof shingles and flashing, old floor tiles, siding, fireplaces, ducts, ceiling tiles, pipes, and pipe cement, window putty, sheeting, vermiculite insulation, paint, refrigerators, fuse boxes, duct and wall linings, wiring insulations, and even around the boilers.

There are over 2000 building materials to have been made with asbestos before it was banned. Disturbing a material containing asbestos is a quick way to get asbestos fibers into the air and into your lungs where they can cause serious damage.


Asbestos Hazards

Asbestos fibers enter the body when inhaled through the nostrils or mouth. They could also gain access to your body if present in a drink you consume. This can lead to cancer of the lungs or cancer of the esophagus. It could lead to the formation of scar tissues in the pleural membrane, making breathing painful, even impossible. And it could impair blood flow to the lungs, enlarging the heart, or even leading to cardiac arrest.

It is, therefore, recommended that you do not try to handle asbestos by yourself. Calling upon Western Environmental Solutions, experts in dealing with building hazards would ensure the professional handling of any asbestos problem.

Our well trained and fully certified technicians would come to your home for asbestos inspection during which time we would collect samples for fiber analysis. We go ahead to systematically eliminate all traces of asbestos in your home, eliminating any risk it may cause to you and your family. Any removed asbestos is carefully packaged and safely disposed of.

Western Environmental Solutions is a professional asbestos removal company that seeks to make your home a safe haven. We take every case of asbestos suspicion very seriously and are thorough in our search to find them. Safety is our concern so we carefully follow the Calgary & Victoria safe disposal process to ensure any removed asbestos is not reintroduced into the environment. Contact us today for a custom quote for your asbestos removal needs.

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