For decades asbestos was thought to be an ideal building and insulation material. Victoria homes and businesses built before the 1990s may have used some form of asbestos in the construction or insulation of the property. After 1989 asbestos was banned due to the negative health issues and concerns.

Do you have concerns about asbestos in your Victoria property? If so contact a trusted asbestos professional immediately as long-term exposure can be extremely dangerous. Don’t let the presence of unknown asbestos hurt you or others that live or work in your property.

If you are unsure about the potential presence of asbestos in your home or business, contact Western Environmental Solutions. We can inspect and test your property and safely remove harmful asbestos. Book an asbestos removal consultation or property inspection with Western Environmental Solutions today!


What is Asbestos?

From the 1930s to the late 1980s asbestos was used in the construction and insulation of various Canadian homes and businesses. Asbestos fibers can be woven into various materials that are strong, fire-resistant, lightweight, and inexpensive. These qualities initially portrayed asbestos as an ideal choice for property construction and insulation, as well as automotive and retail product manufacturing. Decades later it was discovered that asbestos was causing a range of serious and even lethal illnesses. This eventually led to asbestos being banned in construction materials.

Asbestos in Victoria

Properties throughout Victoria were constructed and insulated with asbestos until the late 1990s. To ensure that your home or business is safe, contact a trusted asbestos contractor for asbestos services including inspection, testing, and removal. Western Environmental Solutions provides a number of commercial and residential services. If asbestos is found in your property, professional asbestos contractors know how to safely remove and dispose of the harmful asbestos materials.

Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos is most harmful when the materials have been disintegrated or otherwise damaged. When the fibers are broken down, it allows particles from the asbestos to be emitted into the air. Airborne asbestos can lead to serious health issues and even death. Mesothelioma and lung cancer are the most common health risks linked to asbestos, though several other cancers have been known to arise due to asbestos inhalation. Asbestosis is a chronic lung disease that is caused when asbestos fibers build up in your lungs causing, shortness of breath. The lining of your lungs can also become scarred or swollen due to asbestos inhalation.

Asbestos Removal Process

Do not attempt DIY asbestos removal. Doing your own asbestos removal can lead to serious health issues, personal injury, and unnecessary property damage. When contacting a professional, the processes to remove asbestos can be as follows:

  • Initial Inspection – Locate the signs of asbestos in your property’s insulation or building materials.
  • Asbestos Testing –Send samples to a lab to test and confirm the presence of asbestos.
  • Sealing The Affected Area – Seal, quarantine and increase the airflow in the affected area before removal processes begin
  • Asbestos Removal – Safely remove all the asbestos-contaminated materials from your Victoria property.
  • Property Clean Up – Clean up and dust and debris left from the removal and inspection processes.
  • Asbestos Disposal – Properly dispose of the materials so that the asbestos cannot cause any further harm.

These are general steps to remove asbestos, but the tasks and areas of your property that will be affected will be directly dictated by the whereabouts and form of asbestos present within your Victoria home or business. Book an asbestos containment, inspection, and or removal consultation with Western Environmental Solutions today!

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