Asbestos demolition is a vital part of any asbestos remediation project. The safe demolition of asbestos will be required in order to safely provide residential asbestos removal and commercial asbestos removal services. DIY asbestos demolition can be a sure fire way to cause the spread of harmful asbestos particles throughout your property.

Asbestos is a dangerous material that was used for construction and insulation of Canadian homes for several decades, eventually ending in the late 1980’s. If your property was built prior to the 1990’s, it can contain various aspects of asbestos. Do not take an apathetic approach to your asbestos concerns. If you have concerns or are not certain that your property is without asbestos, immediately contact a professional.

Leave your asbestos demolition needs to a trusted professional contractor. Professionals have the knowledge, ventilation equipment, and safety equipment to safely break down the asbestos in your home or business. Trust Western Environmental Solutions with your Edmonton, Calgary and Victoria asbestos demolition needs!

What Is Asbestos Demolition?

Asbestos demolition is a successful and safe breakdown of asbestos materials to prepare for the removal and remediation of the products. These projects cannot be done without proper safety equipment, removal processes, and disposal services. Without the required materials and skills, asbestos demolition can be a very dangerous process. Based on the nature of the process and process requirements, the demolition of your commercial or residential asbestos insulation needs to be handled by an experienced professional.


Commercial Asbestos Demolition

The presence of asbestos in your Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria business can lead to major illnesses from compromised air quality within the property. If you are not sure that your business is completely fee of asbestos, consult Western Environmental Solutions for asbestos inspection, asbestos testing, asbestos demolition, asbestos removal and final asbestos clean up services. Asbestos demolition needs to be accomplished by professionals in order to ensure that the materials are safely broken down, in order to prepare for further removal processes.

Residential Asbestos Demolition

Demolishing asbestos in your home can be a key aspect of any asbestos removal and or abetment project. Attempting to demolish your own asbestos can be very risky. Inexperienced efforts can result in extreme property damage, personal health risks and the further spread of airborne asbestos particles into your home. To ensure that your asbestos is safely broken down, leave your asbestos demolition needs to the experienced professionals at Western Environmental Solutions.


Dangers Of Asbestos

Asbestos is never safe for a home or business, and there are many dangers of asbestos exposure. Asbestos may not be extremely dangerous if the contaminated materials and or insulation are not airborne. Though having the asbestos in your property, without encapsulation or containment methods, can lead to a large decline in the property’s air quality. Airborne asbestos can lead to various illness in an individuals, throat, and lungs. Cancers, lung pleural issues, throat issues and asbestosis can each be directly attributed to the inhalation of asbestos.


Asbestos Demolition Services

Western Environmental Solutions is here to handle your asbestos demolition needs in order to free the property of these harmful materials. We have the skills and equipment to make sure your asbestos materials are fully found and demolished. We can then work to safely removed, ventilate and dispose of any asbestos contained materials. Book an asbestos demolition and inspection with Western Environmental Solutions today.


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