For decades, asbestos was used in a range of Canadian insulation and construction products. The material is strong, inexpensive, lightweight, and fire-resistant. Though due to the detrimental health issues asbestos can cause, the material is now banned.

Asbestos can cause asbestosis and a range of cancers when consistently inhaled. Asbestos containment can stop the spread of asbestos in your home or business. Both Friable and Non-Friable asbestos can often be contained. An experienced professional should always handle your asbestos containment needs.

Western Environmental Solutions is here for your asbestos inspection, containment, and removal needs. We can make sure the spread of asbestos particles does not happen r is stopped within your property. Schedule a consultation today or contact us directly for emergency services.


How Asbestos Affects Your Property

When asbestos remains intact with insulation or as part of building materials then the substance is harmless. Though, through property damage, decay, or in the renovation, asbestos can become disturbed and release airborne particles. Once inhaled these particles can scar lung tissues and lead to a range of cancers. If your home or business was built prior to 1990 and has not been inspected for asbestos, contact Western Environmental Solutions today.

When Is Asbestos Containment Needed?

Asbestos containment is the construction of a physical barrier between the asbestos materials and the rest of the property. Gypsum board, plywood, and metal sheeting can be used to create these barriers. An effective asbestos containment barrier provides a seal to prolong the lifespan of the asbestos and to prevent the spread of airborne asbestos, should the material breakdown. If you have any questions, contact Western Environmental Solutions today!

Containing Asbestos

There are two types of asbestos settles that are found in a home or business. Disturbed asbestos is broken down in some way and is releasing airborne asbestos particles into your home. Intact asbestos is asbestos material that is not damaged and is not releasing anything into the air. Intact asbestos needs containment services to ensure the asbestos particles are never released into the rest of the property. Asbestos that’s has been disturbed is need for removal. Asbestos containment is required throughout the residential or commercial asbestos removal process, in order to ensure further spread to surrounding air.

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