From the 1930’s to the 1980’s asbestos was seen as a useful building material. Asbestos is resistant to heat and lightweight, which made it ideal for insulation. Asbestos is also inexpensive and can be woven into a range of building materials. Decades after asbestos’s initial use in property construction and insulation it was discovered that asbestos exposure and inhalation could lead to very serious health problems. A variety of Cancers and lung diseases can be caused solely or in part by consistent asbestos inhalation. These health issues are what led to the ban of asbestos in homes and businesses.

Do you have asbestos in your property? Not sure? Whether you do or don’t know, contact a professional asbestos contractor with your asbestos abatement needs. For home or business owners who are unsure, the asbestos experts at Western Environmental Solutions can inspect and test your home for asbestos, prior to the asbestos removal processes. For property owners who are aware of the presence of asbestos, Western Environmental Solutions can work efficiently and safely to effective commercial and residential asbestos removal services for your property.

Asbestos In Your Property

Asbestos was used for a variety of home construction, insulation, and appliance manufacturing processes. Asbestos is often found in the insulation of your properties, walls, roof, attic space, flooring and ceilings, gutters, plumbing, and other piping can also contain asbestos. Tile flooring was commonly manufactured with asbestos in the past. Finally, a range of appliances in your property could have been made with asbestos. To fully understand the extent of asbestos present in your home and to ensure the proper abatement of these aspects, contact Western Environmental Solutions today!

Dangers of Asbestos

Inhaling asbestos can cause a number of very detrimental issues to your health. Their issues can range in the ability to treat, as well as in the impacts on your wellbeing. Many asbestos-related illnesses can remain symptom-free for over 10 years after your asbestos exposure. These are some of the illnesses directly associated with asbestos exposure:

  • Cancers – Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma are the most directly associated cancers with asbestos inhalation.
  • Pleural Thickening – Your lung pleura or lining can be seriously affected by airborne asbestos. The lining can thicken and swell making breathing painful and difficult.
  • Asbestosis – Asbestosis is a lung disease that can cause difficulty breathing and shortness of breath. This disease is caused by a buildup of asbestos fibers in your lungs.

Let Western Environmental Solutions keep the air in your home or business safe by providing professional asbestos abatement services!

Asbestos Abatement Process

Nearly countless Canadian properties utilized asbestos for construction and or insulation for around 50 years. The specific processes likely ranged based on builder and property owner budgets, property goals, locations and much more. No asbestos abatement process will be identical, though these are some of the common step required in asbestos abatement processes:

  • Property Inspection – Before any building materials or insulation is removed from your property, signs of potential asbestos should be inspected for.
  • Asbestos Testing – After the signs of asbestos have been discovered, samples will be taken. These samples are then lab-tested to fully verify the presence of asbestos.
  • Removal & Control – Based on the lab results, an asbestos removal or control strategy will be implemented. Areas of initial asbestos can be sealed in some areas, while disintegrated asbestos particles, need to be fully removed to make your property safe.
  • Area Clean Up – Finally, your home or business is cleaned. The area is fully ventilated, your property is cleared of all debris and the removed materials are safely disposed of at specific locations.

Do not attempt DIY asbestos inspections or removal processes. The team at Western Environmental Solutions is here to handle your asbestos abatement needs.

Professional Asbestos Abatement

Without the right equipment or levels of experience, your asbestos abatement efforts can lead to property damage, ineffective or incomplete removals and further the spread of airborne asbestos in your property. These risks showcase how beneficial and required professional asbestos abatement services are. Call or email Western Environmental Solutions today to schedule an asbestos abatement inspection or consultation.

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